Origin of April Fools Day and the $125k Penthouse

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There are several theories about the origins of April Fools day.  One of the most notable is in the year 1564.  During that year, Europeans started using the Gregorian Calendar and the New Year moved from April 1st to January 1st.  ‘April fools’ were those who still celebrated the new year’s holiday in the spring!

If you are celebrating the new year today, perhaps this new penthouse listing at the Pierre is right for you!  Only for $125,000… Call me.

{if this is simply just another day for you and you are still reading, please note that this new listing is actually asking $125 Million and just came on the market as the highest price residential listing in Manhattan}

Pastel Colored Townhomes – Spring Edition

SullivanstreethousesI love this recent blog post about from Ephemeral New York about the colorful townhome row on Sullivan Street.  The private park situated behind this lovely row is one of the few private parks.  Recently, I assisted in renting #176 Sullivan Street.

Thanks to Ephemeral for providing some insight into how this enclave has remained untouched through the generations.

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