Did Your Listing Expire?

Joseph specializes in marketing apartment that have previously failed to sell.  

About 25% of listings end up on the expired list.  Sometimes even the nicest apartments expire! We have found that there is always a reason why a home did not sell. We will do a critique of the current marketing and provide our suggestions for improvement.  We would be happy to look at your home and use our evaluation system to determine why your apartment did not sell.

– Specific Marketing Strategy. We develop a marketing plan for each apartment and not every home can be sold in the same manner. We strategize and ask ourselves, “where will this buyer come from” and our team develops a marketing plan specific to your home.

– Extensive On-line marketing. Did you know that experts say that 95% of today’s buyers start on the Internet. You should know that:
1) We are online in a big way. Multiple websites, social media, public relations outreach
2) We utilize our team of incredible stagers and photographers to increase your apartments marketing appeal

– Buyer Feedback.  Most sellers tell us that “they never heard any feedback.” You will love our feedback and listing notification service. We/you can customize feedback the way you like it and it will be clear how the marketing is reacting to your apartment.

Sometimes, even the nicest apartments do not sell during their initial launch!  We specialize with apartments that did not sell.  Contact us for a free evaluation of why your home did not sell and what we need to do to get it sold!

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