Working with a Broker vs. Selling it Yourself

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Selling your home yourself requires an extensive commitment of time and effort to market your home, qualify buyers, negotiate, and stay objective with potential buyers.  Here are some things you will need to do if you are considering selling your home yourself:

– Set your price by researching on the Internet, looking at other home prices in your area, and visiting the county tax records office to see what the homes actually sold for.
– Read the Little Improvements = Big Return section and make sure your home is in the best shape.
– You might want to invest in a few books and/or videos to support your efforts.
– Set your advertising budget. Most people who sell their homes themselves spend between $1,000 and $50,000.
– Create a color fact sheet, including a photo and necessary information about your home.
– Display your fact sheet online, at work, in local establishments, and at other high visibility locations.
– Run daily and Sunday ads in the real estate section of your local newspaper.
– Send letters to every real estate office in your area.
– Create a small website and list the web address on all materials about your home.
– Return all calls to interested buyers promptly.
– Make appointments to see them as quickly as possible. If they are seeing your house, they are also looking at others.
– Be available days, nights and weekends to show you house.
– Constantly monitor the market and be ready to adjust to the trends.
– For your own safety and security, try to pre-qualify buyers before you invite them into your home. Ask questions over the phone, including:
– How will they pay for the home?
– Can they get a mortgage?
– Are they pre-qualified for a mortgage?
– Is their home sold or just on the market?
– Is the buyer of their home a qualified buyer?

It’s easy to see why the idea of selling on your own is tempting. But saving that commission can ultimately cost you more than you saved. Why?

First, it’s an interruption of your personal and business lives. What does that cost you?

Second, you have to spend a substantial amount to advertise. A successful Realtor will allocate a minimum of 10% to advertising. You should be prepared to spend between a minimum of $1,000 and $10,000 on newspaper ads, color fact sheets and flyers, signs, postage and your Internet presence.

Third, if you welcome brokers to show your home, you’ll have to sacrifice part of the “saved” commission to them. Add that to what you spend and your savings are hardly worth the effort. Click on the link above to read more about what you are really saving when you list your home yourself.

Real Estate Brokers are pros at what they do. Think of it this way:
Could someone merely watch a video or read a manual about YOUR job and accomplish what you succeed in doing every day? Absolutely not.  Could you take the place of other professionals you trust in your life? Would you cut your own hair? Would you represent yourself in court? Most likely not.

Good Brokers are home buying & selling professionals with a complex combination of skills and experience, including:
-Qualifying prospective purchasers
-Staging the home
-Handling objections about the home
-Developing targeted marketing strategies
-Managing the contract process
-Managing any building approval processes
-Making sure there is a smooth closing process

Our research shows that most people are looking for a Broker who:

– Understands their needs
– Is trustworthy and honest
– Brings buyers  not shoppers to see the house
– Does not pressure them into making a decision
– Is a master at managing details
– Has valuable connections
– Is a trained expert in negotiating

Joseph R DeLorenzo has the above qualifications and many more.

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