What About Discount Brokers

Would you take your dog to a discount veterinarian?
Would you go to a discount doctor?
What about seeing a discount heart surgeon?
How about flying in a commercial plane that just pays discounted part time pilots?
Better yet, how about a discount plastic surgeon?

Using a discounted agent certainly sounds like a way to save money, doesn’t it? You are probably thinking – If they will do the same work and charge less this would be great, right?
But the reality is that this could work against you ñ consider the fact that you are trusting a discount agent to sell your home for the most amount of dollars ñ they will be spending money to market your home and they will be the one ultimately negotiating for you ! Ask yourself do you feel comfortable with someone that is so easy to cut their salary, (give away their own income), just to get your listing? Then, what do you think they are going to do when it comes to your money???

The whole concept of doing business for a discount agent is designed around giving discounts. That is how they get business and that is how they are trying to get yours. The problem for you is that’s exactly how they sell homes too. If the discounter really knew how to get top dollar for you wouldn’t they start by not discounting their own livelihood?

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