What Are You Really Saving?

Many people who try to sell their homes themselves, will put “Brokers Welcome” in their advertisements and showing sheets. This means these sellers are willing to give any broker their 3% commission if they bring a qualified buyer. That leaves a perceived saving of 3% — what is typically paid to the listing agent.

In order to save that 3% listing fee, you as the seller will have to:

– Spend $1,000-$20,000 on advertising, flyers, and internet presence
– Take time off from work or spend your personal leisure time showing the house (try to estimate what your time is worth)
– Trust your ability to negotiate the best deal with a tough buyer or a seasoned professional realtor

Pretty quickly, the perceived savings are drying up. And the selling process is more difficult than it has to be.
Think about it. Are the savings worth it? And, in the end, did you really get what your home is worth?

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